What a beautiful litter! All the puppies now have new homes. They are growing, learning new things and having lots of adventures. It warms my heart to know that every puppy is now part of a loving family. Scroll down to see puppy pictures at 5 days, 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks old. What an amazing transition!

See below....more pictures at 5 weeks! 

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Royal Blue Collar, Male

Skye Blue Collar, Female

5 Days Old! A Gorgeous Litter!!


Purple Collar, Female

Red Collar, Male

Zoe Grey!

Orange Collar, Male

Skye Blue gets a kiss from Grandma

Yellow Collar, Male

Beige Collar, Female

Green Collar, Female

See Below....Six Weeks!! Puppies! Pumpkin Time!

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Below are pictures of our beautiful litter from this fall. Please contact

Dyan Grant at 203.285.5196 or via email dyan@grantuspoodles.com for 

information on upcoming litters.  

See below.....12 Days Old!! What a beautiful litter!

Purple...aka Gracie

Beige, aka Kai

Green, so pretty!

Family shots, previous litters & more....

Pink Collar, Male

See below ... puppies at almost 4 weeks.  They are getting very playful. What little cuties!

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The Sire ~ CH Madela Ale Kai Cello on Fifth


Grey Collar, Female